Area design and building plants for private and public users

In this area So.T.Eco. S.p.A., sometimes using high qualifying external consultation, design and builds:
• Waste water treatment plants for civil and industrial users
• Primary water treatment plants
• Adjustment interventions and refurbishing of existing plants
The company in these activity avails itself in high specialized technician working in research’s field
of “Innovative Treating Systems”; The consequence was the development of special plants for whom So.T.Eco. S.p.A. obtained patents. In this area So.T.Eco. S.p.A. can be present befor project, with activity of research and investigation with the aim of identificate optimal parameters for the plants that will be
realized. Referring to the specific realization of plants, So.T.Eco. S.p.A. can completely cover all activity, from civil to electromechanical works. In these area have also been realized sewage pipes too.
Moreover the company has “Attestazione di Qualificazione alla Esecuzione di Lavori Pubblici” for the following Categories and Qualifying Classifics: 
OS22 – € 10.329.137,98;
OG6 – € 2.582.284,50;
and Quality System Certificate  according with UNI EN ISO 9001-2001.